another rude awakening.

my sweet leo has been an absolute monster lately!
eating everything in sight, barking like it’s going out of style AND his new game is to scare the little children that walk on our block. he likes to bark and jump and wiggle (totally normal puppy things) but instead of the children finding it endearing, they are terrified.
it’s not even halloween yet leo! calm down!

anyways, as a result of him eating everything, he has had quite the upset tummy.
this morning he came and woke j and i up early.
we weren’t upset because he was being a cuddle bug but then things went downhill.
he threw up all over my white sheets and my white down comforter.
then on the living room floor.
he JUST missed the brand new rug we bought.
poor pup. maybe he’ll learn his lesson?

unfortunately, a little puppy puke wasn’t the only bad part of my morning.
while getting ready to go out for a coffee run, i dropped my cell phone in the toilet.
i’m currently blackberry-less and i feel so alone.
but i think all in all it’s a good thing.
we are all so attached to our technological appliances a break now and then won’t kill us!
the blackberry is currently sitting in white rice…hopefully it will be good to go later today!

in an attempt to turn a bad morning around, i went to dunkin’ donuts and got an iced pumpkin latté with whipped cream and half a dozen donuts.
j and i also went to walmart and did some much needed grocery shopping so now we have the rest of the day to do absolutely nothing.
which is perfect because it’s overcast and chilly. excellent fall day.
think i’m going to make my mom’s baked mac&cheese for dinner tonight.
comfort food sounds so wonderful right now.

hope you’re having a great monday…ha! is that possible!?


marine wife, dog mom, coffee drinker & lover of wonderful things.

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backyard bonfires with my boys ❤ if you know me, one of the best words to describe me is "busy". i spend my days constantly running from one activity to the next. even though i love all that i'm doing, it's still easy to feel burnt out. especially with the holiday season so quickly approaching, i'm making it my intention so slow down. take a few deep breaths. sit and listen to the rain. treat myself to a coffee at my favorite cafe. get to a yoga class. make time to be still. 
you can't pour from an empty cup. how will you fill yours today? all i want to do is love on him but all he wants to do is hunt down the squirrels 😀

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