happy november!
this is going to be a very exciting month.
in just nine short days j and i will have been together for three years and married for one.
(we got married exactly two years after we started to date!)
((it’s also the marine corps birthday…good thing i love him so much because that’s pretty cheesy!)

the marine corps ball is the 14th. this will be my first ball so i’m very excited!
it’s funny because so many women on the marine wives’ facebook pages that i follow are absolutely freaking out about the ball. spending hundreds of dollars on a dress, hair extensions, fake nails, jewelry, heels…the works!
i, on the other hand, am going to use a dress that i wore for prom in high school, jewelry that my mom sent down (she always has the best jewelry, it’s insane!) and probably just wear sandals because j and i are close to the same height. i’m just happy to be accompanying him this year.

this will be our first thanksgiving away from home. i guess it will be our first in our new home? we’re not having thanksgiving here. oh lord no! anyone who knows me knows that i don’t do meat so well. cooking it freaks me out. i’d be perfectly fine ordering a pizza (pizza because the chinese food down here is awful!) and calling it a day. i think we’re going to go to the house of someone j works with. it will certainly be different! part of me likes the idea of being away from home for some holidays because i get so frustrated when we have to drive all over to visit both sides of our families but then i realize that i’ll miss out on all our traditions.
maybe it’s time to make new ones??

moving backwards…
last night was our first halloween as husband and wife!
halloween is a big day for us. last night, three years ago, was the first time j and i hung out.
it was quite the night! my mom always makes a whole bunch of food but little did i know that my entire family was coming over!
don’t get me wrong, i love my family, but they can be a lot to handle.
after j met them i thought that we were done. he’d never talk to me again!
but here we are three years later. it’s amazing to see how far we’ve come.

here are a couple pictures of how we decorated the outside of the house:
you can’t really see it but my super cute fall door wreath is hanging on the door. it’s funny because the left side of the house is so sweet and more autumn-y and then on the right side there’s a big scary pumpkin! can you guess which side j set up???

the little glowing things are pumpkins. i love how j set them up!

okay, back to november. lots and lots to do today so it’s time to get off the computer!
happy november y’all. make it a good one!


marine wife, dog mom, coffee drinker & lover of wonderful things.

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