dinner, dessert and a growing pup

apple crisp.
j had said he really wanted one but i was nervous to make it because i’m terrified of knives.
always have, always will be. my nana can peel a piece of fruit and slice it right into her mouth and i just sit there in awe knowing i could never do something like that! but after a good hour of peeling six medium granny smith apples i finally had enough to cover my pan.
me mixing the apple crisp topping…ignore my messy kitchen. no matter how hard i try, it always seems to be the dumping ground for, well, absolutely everything!
ta-da! so yummy!
i got j’s approval too!

after i finished the apple crisp i got started on making taquitos for dinner.
we usually buy the frozen ones but lord only knows what’s in them and i’m a big fan of fresh things.
they were pretty easy to make too!
ta-da again!
(the glowing white blob is sour cream…the camera on my phone is terrible!)

i’m very proud of how far i’ve come in the kitchen. a couple years ago i ruined ramen noodles. is that even possible you ask?! yes. i lit the spoon on fire and burnt the noodles. needless to say, making both a dinner and dessert is a huge step!
hope you had a good weekend.
i’m not liking this daylight savings crap. i was up at 7am! way too early!

ps…here’s a picture of leo. he’s 8 months old now!


marine wife, dog mom, coffee drinker & lover of wonderful things.

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