sexy versus skanky

my one year wedding/three year dating anniversary is on saturday so i decided to be a good wife and look for something sexy to wear.

since when did lingerie become so skanky?!
maybe it always has been. i don’t really know.
but i do know that i’m not a skanky lingerie type person.
like everyone else i enjoy feeling sexy but i feel sexy when my messy hair falls just right, i’m comfortable in my own skin and i’m wearing a nice perfume.

i just feel awkward in lingerie.

for the people who know me well that are reading this sorry for the way tmi but now you know something about me that you didn’t know before!

maybe i’ll just buy a big nightgown (the one’s that grandmas wear) and call it a night.
we’re married! he has to love me regardless right?!


marine wife, dog mom, coffee drinker & lover of wonderful things.

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