holiday stress.

the holiday season has just begun and i’m already stressed!
i head home (back to IL) in less than a week and i’ll be gone for an entire month!
i’m worried about leaving leo even though i know he’ll be in good hands.
i’m worried about being gone for so long too. as much as i love being home it’s hard to be there in a way.
everyone’s lives go on without me there and it’s difficult to find where i fit in sometimes.


to combat the stress i’ve been working hard to take extra great care of myself.
j and i just got new phones (samsung galaxy s3s!!! totally upgrade from my shitberry i mean blackberry…) and now that i have an actual smartphone i downloaded a bunch of apps to help me.

i’m totally obsessed with “water your body”. it’s a free app that tracks how much water i drink a day and reminds me to keep drinking.
i also love “daily yoga”. another free app that lets me download different yoga videos i guess you could call them. because i’m just starting out i do the beginner videos which last ten minutes and i can so feel the burn. today i did “yoga breathing for beginners” and felt so relaxed after i was done. the “seated poses for beginners” video totally kicks my butt.
the last app that i use to help keep me at my best is called “buddhist meditation”. again, a free app, that gives you a motivational quote to think about and times you for three minutes (when starting out) to let you fully explore ponder the quote. at the end of the three minutes a nice little chime goes off and then you can go on with your day feeling fresh and revitalized.

love my smartphone and love doing things to help keep me at my best.
what do you do to stay sane during the stressful holiday season?


marine wife, dog mom, coffee drinker & lover of wonderful things.

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