a little bit of this and a little bit of that

isn’t it amazing how quickly life goes by?
it’s been months since i last wrote and so much has happened.

i’ll be moving back home (right outside chicago) in the middle of june to finish my associate’s degree.
it’s a little bitter because most people my age will be graduating with their bachelor’s in the spring but it’s a work in progress! i will move back to suckville, nc right before christmas and spend the holidays with my handsome hubby and our baby dog.

speaking of that dog.please say prayers or send good thoughts our way.
my sweet leo has been having some health issues. nothing major but lots of little things.
i’ve been to the vet three times in the past month and have an appointment on monday.
this time it’s for what looks like a sty on the bottom outside rim of his eye. last time it was because there was a medicine complication, the time before it was for an impacted anal gland…again, nothing major, but lots of little things are frustrating this poor pet mommy!

marine corps life is getting a little scary. there have been big budget cuts and now tuition assistance (ta) is no longer available. this covered most of an active duty member’s schooling while still active duty (i think?). j was using his and we were counting on him having his bachelor’s degree by the time his contract is up but now we don’t think that’s possible. there is still the gi bill but it’s really for after you’re out of the military and active duty members who use it don’t get the full benefits (again, i think). j and i are talking about him reenlisting because in the marine corps he has job security, insurance, a place to live, a steady paycheck and many other benefits. but do we really want to do this for another 4 years? he has to wake up crazy early, sometimes work long hours, we’re away from our family…there are positives and negatives to the situation. we’re trying out figure out which one outweighs the other. j is totally undecided as of now. i like to know everything all the time so i’m working hard on taking things one day at a time. again, send some good thoughts our way!

hmmm what else…i babysit for a fantastic hairstylist and she put some color in my hair a couple of weeks ago. perfect copper highlights and some blonde framing my face. it doesn’t look too done and i absolutely love it.

my best friend is having her big wedding at the end of june and i’m the matron (i keep saying maid but my mother keeps reminding me i’m married and i’m now a matron!) of honor and i’m so happy/excited to help her plan her big day. she’s marrying a sailor so it’s so nice to have someone who knows exactly what my life is like. which just adds to why she’s an awesome friend. mostly she listens to me talk to my dog and still loves me.

phew. that felt fantastic! i haven’t wrote in a while!i hope your friday is wonderful and you have a great weekend.
we’re having a st. patrick’s day party tomorrow so i’ve got a whole day of cleaning ahead!


marine wife, dog mom, coffee drinker & lover of wonderful things.

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it is most certainly puppy love ❤ just be here with me. 
signed: the moon. the stars. your still-hot-cup-of-coffee. your daughter. your son. your spouse. your heart. the green grass. the wild flowers. the waters you long to swim in. the color yellow. the color blue. your favorite poem. your favorite blanket. the wind in your hair. the waves on the ocean. the mountain air. your dad. your mom. the rain. the ice-cream cone. the butter sizzling with garlic in the frying pan. the grocery clerk with the sad, kind eyes. postcards waiting to be sent. the city squirrel. the county squirrel. jupiter. the photo album. your grandma's rosary. your favorite song. ink and paper. your best friend. the money in your wallet. the fork in your hand. brushes and paint. downward facing dog. the color turquoise. the almost invisible shade of pink. god. the skyline. the earth beneath your feet. a hammock. the shade of a giant tree. this moment, right here, now. your bones. your belly laugh. your breath. your breath. your breath. (quote from pinterest) a short list of things i love: america, cocktails, red lips, my chalkboard, grilled food but most importantly long weekends spent with my loved ones. happy birthday america! thanks for giving us the day off to celebrate 🍻

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