Easter 2013 Recap

what a weekend!
this was my first easter away from home. it was strange to be apart from my actual family, but celebrating with my north carolina family was just as good…well almost ūüôā

let’s go back through the weekend.
j had off of work for good friday so he slept in while i took leo to get groomed.
leo bathisn’t he handsome?!
we spent the rest of friday hanging out around the house and preparing for all the events of saturday.
(really, we watched a lot of lost because we’re determined to finish the entire series before¬†i move home in june!)

we had my friends over for brunch and egg dyeing. it was quite the event!
i just absolutely love being a hostess. mostly because i get to wear my swanky hostess apron my nana gave me!
hostess(ignore the really awkward angle of this picture…)
i made a baked french toast, j fried up some bacon and made his excellent breakfast potatoes and my girlfriends all brought treats too. the table was full and the company was great. it was a wonderful brunch!
easter 2013my handsome man.
james and babywhile we’re no where near ready to even start talking about kids, this picture warmed my heart. he’s holding my friend’s 5 month old little girl and he did such a great job with her! he’s going to be a great dad someday…someday very far from now!

after we were finished eating, we began to dye eggs.
this was such fun! my friend’s almost three year old had a blast! we had eggs of all sorts of colors. his fingers were very green by the time we were done.
finished eggsour finished eggs! j did that fancy blue/yellow/green one. he’s quite the egg artist!
leo eggsleo was checking out the eggs…he seemed to approve!

after my friends left, the wyant home got crazy.
i had a whole lot of baking to do and only an afternoon to do it!
first i baked the lavender white chocolate chip cookies. the recipe made three dozen plus cookies which i was not expecting but they were a big hit at easter dinner so it all worked out just fine.
lavender white chocolate chip cookies(you can find the recipe here: http://www.chelseasculinaryindulgence.com/2012/05/lavender-white-chocolate-chip-cookies.html)

after the cookies were done and cooling,¬†i started on the whole wheat carrot cake cupcakes with homemade cream cheese frosting. phew. i’m tired after just saying the full name!
carrot cake cupcakesthese were wonderfully delicious!
i¬†tried to get a little fancy while frosting them…some turned out better than others!
(recipe: http://www.sweet-remedy.com/2012/06/carrot-cake-cupcakes-for-mom/)
frostingyes,¬†i do bake in my pjs. mostly¬†i just want to wear these coffee pj pants forever because they’re so comfy and¬†i love coffee!

finally, it was time to do the dirt cake.
this recipe is from my nana and it is, and always will be, my favorite dessert.
it is rather time consuming, but so worth it!
dirt cakewhen it got time to bake this beauty i was completely exhausted so j made most of it.
he’s just great.
after the full day we had, bedtime was the most beautiful time of the day!
tired leoleo agreed.

easter sunday:
we had wanted to go to church but we don’t have a church home down here yet so that just didn’t happen. maybe next year. we were celebrating and rejoicing in our hearts!
we had such a blast opening our easter baskets!
easter bunnyleo checking out what the easter bunny left for him and his daddy.
leo basketbecause we adopted leo from a shelter we don’t know his exact birthday (we celebrate on march 1st!) so we believe he was alive for easter last year but this was his first year spending it with us so we had to get him his own basket!
he really liked what was inside…a new baby, dessert rawhides and BUBBLES!
leo bubbles 2leo bubblesjust kidding…he really wasn’t a fan of the bubbles but we had fun watching him react!
bec basketthis was my easter basket from j.
i¬†forgot to take a better picture but the note on the right side of my basket says “caution: rotten eggs!”
he filled the eggs over there with the black and white jelly beans…the ones that¬†i hate! so sweet and silly.

we went to bbq at 1pm to celebrate easter with the guys j works with.
it was a very nice bbq! the weather was perfect.
at 5pm we went over to my friend’s house for dinner. she has such a beautiful home and is a great hostess!

all in all, it was a great day. way too much food was consumed, we got to spend the day with our friends and the weather was just right.
but most importantly, we got to spend it together.
sillyhe loves me.
and i love him!

i hope you all had a great easter and got to spend it with your loved ones!
now, time to start putting away all the easter decorations…mostly i’m going to eat jelly beans and recover from this busy weekend!
mr and mrs wyant easter 2013happy easter!
love the wyants



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