a few of my favorite things

good morning readers!
j and i have been cleaning and re-arranging the house all weekend long!
not so fun but the weather was icky so there wasn’t really anything better to do.

if you’ve read any of my old posts you would know that i’m not a big fan of “the old north state”.
in order to make my stay here more livable/comfortable/home-y i’ve decided to surround myself with beautiful things that make me happy.
i’m going to share a few of them with you!
just a few rather simple things that cheer up my days.
what’s that cute thing with the blue bow you ask?
this little cutie!
isn’t it awesome?!
this keychain takes something so military and uniform and makes it totally cute!
also, there’s a whole lot of teal on it which is obviously one of my favorite colors.
thanks again mandy for making it for me!
speaking of teal look at the handle of the way too perfect coffee cup.
i’m totally obsessed with my dog so this cup just speaks right too me.
and those biscotti bites…oh dear lord. best things i’ve eaten in a while!
i like to dunk them in my coffee while it’s nice and hot so the chocolate at the bottom melts a little bit before i pop those bad boys into my mouth.
….i may or may not be drooling as i’m writing!
this eos lip balm, strawberry sorbet, will be my savior this summer.
the sun in nc can be brutal at times so i always apply this along with sunscreen before heading out for my day.
it’s moisturizing but isn’t thick so it leaves my lips feeling wonderful instead of heavy and icky.
this gem was my craft project the other day.
i took a gold glitter paint (martha stewart brand of course!) and put about a billion coats of it on a mason jar.
then it took some washi tape and wrapped it around the jar and ta da!
my little creation is the home of one of my absolute favorite things…
my washi tape collection!
all of these were purchased at michael’s.
my husband no longer lets me go into that store alone because he knows i’ll leave with more.
washi tape is the perfect addition to literally anything.
i often jazz up the letters i send with a little bit on the back and sometimes the front of the letter too!
a perfect fit!

there you have it! a few of my favorite things.
what are you currently obsessing over?


marine wife, dog mom, coffee drinker & lover of wonderful things.

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2 comments on “a few of my favorite things
  1. I noticed you followed me on bloglovin and I’m following back. I also love washi tape and eos lip balm! in fact, I really need to put some eos on right now!!

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