words of wisdom wednesday #4

happy wednesday!
the work week is half over.
except i’m a stay at home housewife/mom to leo so i don’t really have a work week!
it’s okay…take a moment to be jealous 🙂

life has been pretty stressful this week.
there is a lot of change about to come my way so i’m trying my best to embrace it instead of fear it.
i’m definitely in need of some wisdom.

i feel like i’ve been running right into a brick wall lately.
i’m a big planner so i try my best to prepare for the future but problems keep arising.
this quote speaks right to me. instead of getting frustrated, i’m going to expect problems but continue to hope/plan for the best.

wayyyyy back in high school (okay, not way back, more like a few years ago) i used to be a poet.
it didn’t matter if it was spoken word or written word, i loved it all.
since getting married and moving to coastal north carolina i haven’t been writing much poetry.
the thing is, i used to write when i was upset and sad. i don’t feel the need to write poetry anymore because i’m honest to god happy.
okay, not all day every day, but at the end of the day i’m perfectly content. i have a man who loves me and i love him.
also, i have an odd looking dog…posting a funny story on that later this week!

there is your last bit of wisdom/encouragement for this week.
obviously no one wants to do challenging things or go through rough patches in life but it’s in those times that we really learn how, well, great we are!
i believe you’re great reader.
i hope you do too!

have an awesome rest of your week!
my sister-in-law is coming to visit for the weekend tomorrow so i have lots of odds and ends to do to get ready for her.


marine wife, dog mom, coffee drinker & lover of wonderful things.

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