it’s not summer yet!

everyone and their dog is going on and on and on about how nice it is that they’re done with finals and that summer has begun!
not for me.
why? because my life sucks.
but really because my semester doesn’t end until may 20th.

so while everyone was out enjoying their weekend and the start of their summer i was stuck inside working on a paper that will be the death of me.
i’m currently working on my associate of the arts degree. after i get that (i’ll be done with the classes in december!) i’ll start working my bachelor’s degree of philosophy. such a little smartie pants over here!
i absolutely love philosophy and find that my classes are challenging in a good way.
the non-western philosophy class i’m in this semester is anything but good.
it’s an online class which sucks in and of itself and the teacher really doesn’t teach. he just gives us readings and papers every once in a blue moon.
this would be awesome for any other class but a philosophy class needs to involve discussions–perhaps even arguments!
anyways, i’ve been working on a paper for this class for the past two weeks and it’s nearly killed me.
i’ve been fighting a nasty cold and the stress of this paper has just made it so much worse.
so! what did i do this weekend?
let’s recap.
went to a café to work on my paper…had to leave because some fat guy wouldn’t stahp talking about green monsters and his shoebox full of cards for a game i never caught the name of.
excuse the profanity but i literally could not find any other words to describe how religious daoists searched for a way to gain immortality through external alchemy.
20130504_203752 (1)
i got so tired of reading about confucianism and daoism that i put a headband on my forehead and made j take me out.
see him creepin’ in the background?
then i remembered i still have a paper to do so i returned home and hated my life.

good news friends. my paper is just about finished.
it’s very possible that this will be the last philosophy paper i’ll have to write for a semester which is a very good reason to celebrate.
you grab a drink and i’ll go drink some cough medicine.

hope you had a much better weekend!


marine wife, dog mom, coffee drinker & lover of wonderful things.

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