no greater love.

i’d like to tell y’all the story of our sweet furbaby.
but first, this pretty much sums it all up:

with that being stated…back to the story.
ever since j and i got married he’d refer to us as “the wyant family”. i told him we’re not a family until we have a dog…that we’re just mr. and mrs. wyant.
i grew up with an amazing purebred yellow lab named huntley.
bec and hunt
isn’t he handsome?!
we knew wanted a huntley 2.0 for our first dog so we began searching for purebreds in our area. we couldn’t find one for under $1,000 which was way out of our price range. a friend of mine suggested that we look on (a website that allows you to search for pets who are at shelters) to find our furbaby. i searched for a baby male labrador retriever and this is who i found:abner^^^
his name was abner and i immedialy fell in love.
i showed this picture to j and we knew that this was our pup.
but we didn’t like abner so we brainstormed name ideas and j came up with leo.
leo. lelo. reero.
abner/leo was at a shelter little over an hour away from where we live and j was working on nights so we were going to head out one morning and bring our baby home. the marine corps didn’t like that idea. j got sent to the rifle range which meant that i would have to do the drive by myself.
side note, i’m used to being in the car for an hour when driving around home or in the city, but driving an hour in nc is about as painful as getting teeth pulled without any numbing medication. there’s just miles and miles and miles of trees, very few cars!
on may 8th, 2012, i hopped in the car, determined to bring my leo home.
did i get lost? of course. but i got there.
i had never been to a shelter before and started crying the minute i pulled up. there were so many dogs in cages, all crying for attention. the building itself was small and flies were everywhere. i needed to get my pup out of there on the quicks!
after filling out some paperwork, agreeing to get him fixed and paying a small adoption fee, i got leo in the car and we headed home.
he was just the sweetest little boy ever!
he loved to nap in the oddest places like in-between pillows.

when we adopted him we were told that he was a lab/hound mix.
when he was little he looked just like a lab pup. the ears, coloring (except some white on his face, chest, paws and tail) and body type. we were stoked we got an almost purebred looking pup!
the lab ears didn’t last long.
this picture was taken in july of 2012 and what the hell is going on with those ears?!
and that tail?
definitely not a lab’s tail.

my absolute favorite part of leo/his greatest oddity is his tongue.
this freaking tongue:

(i have no words to describe that bottom right picture…)
i know dogs usually have their tongues out, but i swear, leo’s is just ridiculous.

he’s my little buddy and we pretty much go everywhere together…

starbucks trips…i usually get a caramel macchiato and he always gets a puppachino.

we love to go play around in the water.

we’ve now had him for exactly a year and he has blessed our lives in so many ways.
moving 1,000 miles away from everyone i know and love was extremely hard on me. i really stuggled until we got our sweet leo. he helped occupy my time and encouraged me to get out and meet new people by going on walks or taking trips to the dog park.
while he wasn’t exactly what we were looking for, he was everything we needed.
i’m sure some people are rolling their eyes and thinking he’s just a dog, and he is. but he’s also so much more to me.

he’s my baby.
my furbaby.
and i’m so blessed to be his mommy.

“whoever said diamonds are a girl’s best friend, never owned a dog.”



marine wife, dog mom, coffee drinker & lover of wonderful things.

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