happy mother’s day!

happy mother’s day to all the mommas out there!
and a special happy mother’s day to my mutti!
this lady is beyond great.
she has always been such a great source of support for me but she’s been insanely wonderful over the past few years.
late night phone calls, listening patiently to endless stories about how great my dog is, flying to the terrible havelock, nc to spend time with me, sending totally bomb care packages and making my trips home as awesome as they can be are just a few of the awesome things she does.
i’m so blessed to have her as a mutti and as a friend.
i love you mom


marine wife, dog mom, coffee drinker & lover of wonderful things.

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dirty hair & big under eye bags board game playing sunday night hangs with our incredibly sassy furbaby. wouldn't trade any of it for the world ❤ when it's too cold to go back out to take a class at the studio, namast'ay home with the dog ✌

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