leaving on a jet plane

hi readers!
sorry i’ve been mia for the past couple days.
i just got back to nc last night and am beastly tired after my awesome trip home.
there’s nothing better than being surrounded by my loved ones.

so, let’s recap my trip!
i landed in chicago on tuesday afternoon:
best way to look put together while traveling?
a fun scarf and a pair of earrings. simple and chic!
you wanted a cloud picture?
here you go!
isn’t she beautiful? so in love with chi-town.

after a tearful reunion with my mom at the airport we headed home and had homemade chili with my dad and brother.
my parents are divorced but it always makes me so happy when we’re all together again.
after dinner we stopped by my grandparent’s house. that was another tearful reunion. i’m extremely close to them so the distance is rough.
i love hellos!

wednesday was crazy busy!
my mom and i ran a whole lot of errands. we started our morning with some caribou coffee. this is very exciting because they closed a bunch of stores in our area and i was worried i’d never be able to go to one again! but my mom found one! she’s so great.
enjoying my iced caramel high rise outside caribou on a perfect sunny morning.
after getting caffeinated we did some shopping, then had lunch with my dad and then did more shopping.
we ended our day at baker’s square. every wednesday they have free pie (if you order an entrée) so my family goes pretty much every week.
isn’t it a beautiful place?
i had a delicious pesto hummus pita with grilled veggies and pie. oh my this pie.
it’s called red velvet elite and that was a damn good piece of pie.

i spent a majority of thursday morning/early afternoon with my grandparents.
my grandpa brought out a whole bunch of old pictures and shared stories about all of them. i loved taking a trip down memory lane with him!
thursday afternoon was spent with my best friend e. she lives out in cali but was in town for her bridal shower this weekend. after some much needed catching up, we went right to work. we had a tasting for the wedding food, assembled the favors for her shower and got the wedding invites ready to send. busy busy busy!
working on the shower favors.
20130509_173906 20130509_173913
here it is!
there were three herbs: basil, thyme and mint. each was wrapped in burlap, tied with a bow and had a recipe card attached that used the herb.
so cute right!?

friday i was able to spend some time just lounging at home.
later, my dad took my mom and i out to dinner and then we did some grocery shopping.
my night ended with a skype date with j and then e slept over.
the sleepover was rather lame because we were both crazy exhausted from our week…growing up sucks.
geeze, he’s so handsome.

saturday was another busy one.
e and i left the house early to have a trial done on our hair for the wedding.
the stylist was great and we were both really happy with our up-dos.
then we headed off to the shower!
and ended up matching. which was awkward.

the food was delicious!
appetizers: cold cucumber soup with shrimp, caprese skewers and toast with goat cheese and fig jam.
lunch: homemade chicken salad on croissant rolls with a strawberry poppy seed salad and a fruit skewer.
there was coffee and amazingly wonderful cupcakes for dessert.
the drinks were great too! there was some pink lemonade champagne drink but i stuck with a mango strawberry juice topped with champagne. YUM!
don’t the favors look great?!
it was a beautiful bridal shower. i’m so happy my mom flew me home to be apart of it!

sunday was mother’s day.
my whole family got together for a brunch at my nana’s house.
our table, as always, was very full of casseroles, muffins, sweet breads and other treats.
doesn’t it all look so good?
say hi to aunt lynda and poppa who are at the end of the table!

monday was spent saying goodbyes and doing a little more shopping.
mom and i figured out my outfit for the wedding rehearsal dinner…totally cute but you’ll have to wait until next month to see that!
goodbyes suck but i’ll be moving back next month so these weren’t too bad.

tuesday morning i left o’hare at 9:25am and landed in the airport in nc at 2pm.
flying on a tuesday is great because the tickets are cheaper but the planes are always pretty full which sucks.
the suckiest thing about flying is the flight from charlotte to new bern, nc.
it’s this itty bitty plane that has propellers!
yep. that’s what i got to look at for the entire 45 minute flight.
but i got back safe and sound which is all that really matters!

okay friends. there you have it. my week long trip home recap.
it was a great one!
i’m off to make some coffee. i feel like i’m going to need quite a few  cups to make it through today!


marine wife, dog mom, coffee drinker & lover of wonderful things.

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One comment on “leaving on a jet plane
  1. Amanda says:

    scarves and earrings totally polish looks! I am a firm believer! haha 🙂

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