leo’s favorites

i am a pet parent and i love spoiling my baby dog.
i get very excited when i find a new treat/bone/toy to keep him occupied. mostly because he’s spoiled rotten and will literally walk around and cry unless he gets attention. which he’s doing right now…

here are a few of leo’s favorite things!

this bone was from Beacon Bakery in Beacon, NY. it was in my may cara box from alena atΒ The Adventures of the Pidala Family 5. leo went cray when he saw this treat and it was gone in 4 minutes. he’s quite the fast eater!
fav things 1
once i was going through the starbucks drive thru and the barrister saw leo in the car. she asked if he’d like a puppachino. i, of course, said yes. it was a cup full of whipped cream! leo went nuts. now, every time i go through a coffee place drive thru leo barks and jumps around until he gets his puppachino. don’t roll your eyes. i already acknowledged he’s spoiled!
the other day we went to dunkin donuts and got hooked up! the awesome guy who was working the drive thru gave leo a big cup of whipped cream and even added a couple munchkins. needless to say, leo was in doggie heaven.
fav things 2
leo loves sitting on his mommy’s lap. regardless of what i’m doing, if he wants to be there, he’ll be there.
fav things 3
while at petsmart the other day i found ^^^ this bone.
i’m always looking for new safe-to-eat things for leo to chew on.
rawhides are actually really bad for dogs so i try to avoid buying them.
Smart Bones is the brand and it’s 100% rawhide free.
it’s full of vitamins and other nutrients, is peanut butter flavored and is safe to eat.
the outer “shell” is made of veggie and there’s a real dried chicken breast layer on the inside.
the best part is, the bone was relatively cheap! i think i paid under $5 for it.
definitely will be purchasing it again.
fav things 5
okay. it may be safe to say that his mommy liked his cute little bow tie more than he did but he’s just so dang cute!
our awesome groomer put this on him after his last visit.
i’m kinda obsessed with it.
fav things 4
because the weather has been so nice we’ve been letting leo be outside more.
he’s recently discovered birds and squirrels so he is perfectly content wasting away the hours staring them down and preparing to attack!

what are some of your pet’s favorite products?
i’m always on the lookout for cool new pet things!
rebecca mae


marine wife, dog mom, coffee drinker & lover of wonderful things.

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3 comments on “leo’s favorites
  1. Chey Scribb says:

    Bully sticks are suppose to be really good for dogs as well. sadly our dog has a server allergic reaction to pretty much anything, but before we knew this, that was her fav bone ever! Your puppy is super cute πŸ™‚

    • rebecca mae says:

      Yes! He loves bully sticks too! So sorry to hear about your pup’s allergies. Leo has had some bad reactions to different brands of dog food so I know how frustrating that can be. And thank you! I sure think so πŸ™‚

  2. Abigail says:

    He is so adorable. I have heard that also that rawhides aren’t good for dogs. I am always looking for something new to try with my dogs so if you find anything that you think is afe and Leo likes let me know please.

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