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{this post brought to you by Residence Hall Linens. all opinions are 100% mine.}

with j being in the military my college situation has been anything but easy.
i’m currently attending my third college in four years.
i started out living in the dorms at depaul university in the fall of 2010. i remember how excited i was about dorm life and packing to move in like it was yesterday. the thought of living on my own (kind of) was totally sweet. buying my own set of dishes, towels, laundry detergent, silverware…it’s almost like registering for a wedding but you don’t have to wait for your items, you get them right away!
for your viewing pleasure, here’s a super awkaward picture of me in my dorm room:
my roomie had decorated my side of the room in honor of my one year dating anniversary with j. he was in the middle of a desert at the time so we weren’t able to talk. (ps- don’t hate. i warned you it was awkward!)

packing for the big move in can be pretty stressful.
dear reader, don’t stress!
there are tons of sources that yours truly will help you take full advantage of!
first off, take a look here. that link will bring you to an awesome checklist of all the thing that you need/might want to bring with you to your new living space!
after you take a look at that list and are ready to start buying, check out Residence Hall Linens.
they have tons of bedding/towels/so much more!
here are a few of my favorite items from the site:
-once upon a time i was a french major so i simply adore this “Paris” reversible comforter!
-dorm mattresses can be pretty uncomfortable so an Egg Crate Pad is a must.
-unfortunately, i’m quite the klutz so it’s critical that i have a First Aid Kit near by!
-having some art on the walls can make your blank four walls feel much more home-y. i’m loving this Umbrella Kiss piece.

Residence Hall Linens is a great site to get started on making your dorm room feel like a home. the prices are awesome and the designs are pretty sweet too.
best of luck with your shopping!
rebecca mae


marine wife, dog mom, coffee drinker & lover of wonderful things.

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