coco chanel said it best

the iconic coco chanel said it best:
“a girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.”

that being said,
i’d like to share my favorite book with y’all.

etiquette book 2
it’s Amy Vanderbilt’s New Complete Book of Etiquette by Amy Vanderbilt.

her book is divided into nine parts and in each part ms. vanderbilt addresses very important etiquette issues.
etiquette book 1

this book was last published in 1965…
it’s possible that some of her etiquette rules are outdated…just a little.
some of the topics ms. vanderbilt covers are:
-tipping in clubs and how to maintain membership
-the ritual of drinking
-gracious living without servants
-taking a child to the doctor’s office
-how to share a hospital room
-etiquette for the bride of a military man
-what to do upon recieving a white house invitation
-how to take religious objects to be blessed
-train and plane farewells

thank god for this book because how would i ever survive without a guide on how to live without servants!
even though i would seem like a complete weirdo (okay, a bigger weirdo) if i followed all of her rules, this book is a great reminder about how to behave properly.

i’m a big stickler for proper etiquette.
here are a list of my top three etiquette rules (that can be applied in 2013!):
1. always, always, ALWAYS be polite. it doesn’t matter where you are or who you’re speaking to, smile and be polite. even if they’re your enemy or someone you don’t see eye to eye with. kill them with kindness.
2. don’t be a sloppy drunk. i’m not saying don’t drink ever again but today it seems that we glamorize people making complete fools of themselves. go ahead! have a drink or two or three or whatever. but be classy, not trashy.
3.  be confident! confidence really is key. if you’re feeling unsure or insecure, don’t show it! put on a big smile, know you’re awesome and that you can handle anything.

there you have it. my three biggest and most important etiquette rules.
remember, first impressions always mean the most. make it a good one!
that’s all for today!
xoxo rebecca mae signature


marine wife, dog mom, coffee drinker & lover of wonderful things.

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