june cara box reveal

after loving last month’s cara box swap (read about it here!) i decided to partake in the exchange again.
this month’s theme was “take me to the fair!”
i sent a themed box to kiera over at Contranaut Girl and recieved a box from abigail at According to Lil Ol’ Me.
abigail sent me such a fun box!
june cara box
i recieved:
–a bag of popcorn (not pictured because i immeditaly opened it up and destoryed a solid quarter of it! this was rather impressive because it was a huge bag. no shame.)
–a popcorn tub
–cotton candy (what’s a fair without it?!)
–kool aid lemonade mix
–a journal
–a magnet that asks the age old question “is there life before coffee?” (correct answer? no.)
–recipe cards for funnel cakes, andes mint cookies, and homemade baby ruth bars. these recipes were all from the NC state fair! such a cool idea to include.
she even added a bag of treats for leo!

both kiera and abigail are such sweethearts and i really enjoyed getting to know them though the cara box exchange!

want to be involved in next month’s cara box exchange?
head on over to Wifessionals!
(it’s open to both bloggers and non-bloggers!!!)
xoxo rebecca mae signature


marine wife, dog mom, coffee drinker & lover of wonderful things.

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