it’s beyond fair to say that i’m obsessed with my dog.
some days it feels like i enjoy talking with him more than talking to actual people.
he’s quite intelligent and always has sassy things to say!

besides talking with my dog, you can often  always find me taking pictures of him.
he’s really cute but also extremely odd.
and he always looks absolutely ridiculous in every single pic.

here are a couple of my  favs…enjoy!
leo caribou - Copy
i ordered my usual (small campfire mocha with an extra shot) and leo got a cup of whipped cream and a doggy treat!

leo with baby kong
even though we bought him a much bigger and indestructible kong, he still likes his little pink one.
he’s such a little princess.

leo purple necklace - Copy
…i can’t. the look of “seriously mother?” on his face is just too much.
it’s so much fun dressing him up though!
and he’s pretty good about leaving things on…most of the time.

leo and yoda baby - Copy
i scored this little yoda baby at petco.
way overpriced but the ears match leo’s ears so i absolutely could not pass that up.

ready for my favorite two?!
i was trying to take a sweet selfie with leo on the kitchen floor (because why not?) and he was having none of it.
literally, none of it.
leo tongue - Copy leo whiskers - Copy
thanks dawg. way to ruin all the pictures.

like looking at my dog?
follow me on instagram: rebeccamwyant (http://instagram.com/rebeccamwyant)
or search #leograms.

i’m off to go love my dog.
always continue to love the dog.
xoxo rebecca mae signature


marine wife, dog mom, coffee drinker & lover of wonderful things.

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3 comments on “#leograms
  1. You’re dog is adorable! I am a bit obsessed with photographing my dogs. They have taken over my Instagram. If they weren’t so dang cute all the time then I wouldn’t have an issue!

  2. He is such a cutie! I can’t wait to get a dog with my boyfriend in a couple of years 🙂

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