the best night of my life

take a trip down memory lane with me.
let’s go alllllllll the way back to february 14th, 2010.

this was j and my first vday together and little did i know it would turn out to be the best night of my life.
no, it wasn’t the night he proposed or anything like that.
it was the night we went and saw the greatest concert in the history of great concert.
scary kids scaring kids’ last show in chicago ever.
my then favorite band was breaking up and i had mentioned their last concert to j as an off hand remark.
did i want to go their LAST show? absolutely.
was i expecting to? not at all.

in the weeks leading up to valentine’s day, i relentlessly bugged j about what he was getting me.
we were seventeen so i was thinking i might get a nice necklace or something cheesy like that.
he wouldn’t even give me a clue.
looking back i’m so happy he didn’t!

on the train heading to see the show!

2/14/2010–such babies!

it wasn’t until we were on the train heading lord only knows where when he gave me a necklace box.
awwwww sweet! i was getting the necklace i knew i was going to get!
no no young rebecca. what was in that box was infinitely better than a necklace.
it was two tickets to scary kids scaring kids’ very last show.
i screamed. i cried. i panicked that what i was wearing wasn’t going to be cool enough.
i was positively elated.

we got to the concert venue early and were able to sneak up to the balcony and claim, get this, overstuffed arm chairs as our seats. the venue was small so the show was very intimate and i loved every minute of it.

the greatest part of the night was when sksk played my darkest hour. i listened to this song on repeat for weeks after a bad break up with an awful ex. when the song started, i was overwhelmed with emotions. but instead of dwelling on the bad memories this song brought back, i was so happy that i was out of that bad relationship and was now with an amazing guy.
i fell deeper in love with j that night.

this year we’ll be celebrating our fifth valentine’s day together.
even though we won’t be at a rocking concert and have grown up so much since that night, j is still always beside me.
(i may or may not be getting a little chocked up as i’m writing this!)
i’ve come to realize that valentine’s day isn’t about how you celebrate (romantic dinner, chocolate fondue, candlelit bath…), it’s about who you celebrate it with.
i’m so blessed that i get to share it with my amazing husband and my best friend.

happy valentine’s day dear readers!
i hope you spend it with someone special and know you are so very loved.
xoxo rebecca mae signature


marine wife, dog mom, coffee drinker & lover of wonderful things.

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4 comments on “the best night of my life
  1. keatingmariee says:

    I haven’t heard someone mention Scary Kids Scaring Kids in FOREVER haha I’m glad you got to go to their last show! Sounds like you had an amazing night! 🙂

  2. Emily says:

    Oh I sooo agree on your fav thing to do on lazy days. In fact, I’m rocking out a Netflix marathon of Law and Order SVU as we speak! Er…type? 🙂

  3. That’s cute! I think I used to listen to that band back in high school as well haha.

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