february goals

i should have wrote this before february even started but sometimes life just happens.
and sometimes bad things happen in life for reasons we’ll never know the answers to.

dear readers, my heart hurts. february has not been so good.

earlier this month we found out that one of our very close friends was in a terrible car accident. and the same day we found out that some family members on j’s side were also in a bad car accident. it’s amazing how quickly two phone calls can rock a world.

thankfully, everyone is on the mend. j and i are blessed to have such a great support system who backed us up in our time of need and always!

then j got switched to night crew which messed up absolutely everything. we got to sleep sometimes after 3am and don’t wake up until around noon. my whole schedule has completely changed.

and then i found out that i lost my little babysitting job. it just goes on and on and on.

i read a quote somewhere that said “if you’re going to have a bad month, hope it’s february because it has the least amount of days.” fingers crossed that february is the worst month out of our year.

i’m a firm believer in that things can’t suck forever. things will get better. we just have to keep hanging on.
in the wise words of the killers “when you can’t hold on, hold on.”

anyways, enough venting/crying/feeling sorry for myself.
i’ve been thinking long and hard about my goal for this month…
i’m forever striving to be better. a better person, wife, fur mommy, etc.
my words of encouragement for this month come from bon iver’s beautifully haunting song skinny love.

bon iver skinny love
this month i’m going to work on being more patient, not being a hot mess, finding a good balance in our crazy life, but most importantly i’m going to work on being kind. buddha said “life is so very difficult. how can we be anything but kind?”
amen buddha. amen.

these are my goals for february.
what are yours??
xoxo rebecca mae signature


marine wife, dog mom, coffee drinker & lover of wonderful things.

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3 comments on “february goals
  1. keatingmariee says:

    I love your goals! I’m in the process of typing up my goals for March 🙂 My main goal for February was to find a job (which I did). I also wanted to start working out again, but I’m now moving that to my March goals haha

  2. JerseySjov says:

    “this too shall pass” very few things in life are permanent, so take the time to appreciate everything that’s going right and realize that the tough times won’t last forever.
    im a firm believer that you get back whatever you put into the world; focusing on being kind to others will bring more joy into your life!

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