au naturale

i’ve done it y’all.
i’ve jumped on the coconut oil bandwagon and i don’t know why i didn’t sooner!
i just bought some today and i’m already hooked.

winter always totally screws me.
my skin is terribly dry and itchy.
and i break out much more than normal.

xoxo rebecca mae skin care 2i’ve been using neutrogena products (a wash, toner and moisturizer) for my face
xoxo rebecca mae skin careand vaseline intensive rescue lotion on my body
but i’m just not happy with the results.

so i’ve decided to go natural!
xoxo rebecca mae natural skin carethese babies are my new skin care go tos.
i wash my face with the oats (you can use any brand and buy them at any grocery store).
i take a small handful of oats and put them in one hand. with the other i splash warm water onto the oats to soften them.
after they’re soft and warm and wonderful i use them to wash my face the same way i would with any other face wash.
(these guys get a little messy though!)

next, i apply tea tree oil (purchased at gnc) to any blemishes.
tea tree oil is extremely strong and i have very sensitive skin so i need to dilute it.
i do this by running a q-tip under water then applying a drop or two of the oil onto the q-tip.
i use this to violently attack any blemishes.
(just kidding about the violent. but it works. and smells nice. so it’s awesome.)

finally, i apply a thin layer of coconut oil (can be purchased at most grocery stores) onto my face and any other dry parts of my body. my back, legs and elbows are so happy i’m using this product!
this is just one way to use coconut oil.
i’ll keep playing around with it and let y’all know what else i’ve discovered i can use it with!

beautiful skin doesn’t happen overnight but so far i’m very happy with the results.
natural is for sure the way to do.
speaking of nature…nature quotei just really love that quote.
do you have any natural dry skin/acne remedies?
if so, please share!

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4 comments on “au naturale
  1. Lauren says:

    For my toner I use a mix of 1 part apple cider vinegar and 2 parts water. I think it works really well to keep my skin clear!

  2. I’ve late jumped on the coconut oil bandwagon myself — I’m almost out of my pot and I also want to buy an organic one for cooking (my current one is from the beauty aisle so I rather not try it for cooking, just in case).

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