the usmc has my man

i’ve been debating writing this post for a while…
i’m still not entirely sure i’m comfortable with sharing because compared to others i have nothing to complain about…
but, here we go.

j has been in the marine corps for close to four years.
we’ve been through bootcamp, mct, a school and c school together but he recently left for his first training exercise away from the base he’s stationed at.

goodbye kissgoodbye kisses are the worst kind of kisses.

props to you military wives who’s husbands leave regularly.
i’m a mess.

in the grand scheme of things j will only be gone for a very very short amount of time, but i’m hating it already. as i’m sure most military wives can attest to, my life down here really revolves around him. i set my schedule around his schedule.
i live in north carolina only because he’s stationed down here.

so what do i do now that he’s gone?

i’m keeping my fingers crossed that soon i’ll be able to stop focusing on how much i miss him and start embracing this me time.
it’s like weeks and weeks of terrific lady days!
i’m so blessed to have great friends to help me through this and a very vicious guard dog (ha ha ha) to protect me at night.
and there’s always plenty of wine in my liquor cabinet.
thank god for that.
cheers to making time fly by!

xoxo rebecca mae blog signature


marine wife, dog mom, coffee drinker & lover of wonderful things.

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8 comments on “the usmc has my man
  1. Em says:

    First off, I would love to thank your man for his service and you for being so supportive!! My grandfather was a retired Marine and I always heard from my mom about how hard it was when he was gone. I don’t care if it’s on a regular basis or on occasion, it must be just as hard! Can I send you a bottle of wine??? 🙂 Cheers, girl! Stay strong. You got this!

  2. Lila says:

    I’m an Army wife of 14 years, with many deployments and training exercises under my belt and I will say: goodbyes never get easier—and that part of being a military spouse sucks, BUT— the good thing about deployments and training (and living in places you don’t like) is that they don’t last forever and the reunion makes it worth the wait:) Keep that reunion in mind and keep your chin up:)

  3. gattonswife says:

    You can not “compare” your experience to others… I have learned as a Marine wife that we all walk a different path no matter how similar our husbands jobs are or are not… I have known many wives who’s husbands haven’t deployed a day in their career but have jobs that keep them across the country (so close but so far) I am still not sure if that wouldn’t be harder in a way… I have no advice except always stay positive and find humor in everything and I mean everything… one time my husband and I argued over the dumbest thing while he was deployed and he hung up the phone on me I was like omg wtf oh no he just didn’t do that … the hardest lessoned I learned that day is why shouldn’t we be able to argue even if he is away it was over something small but things had happened that day that I didn’t know about and his mood was way off his way of getting it off his chest was to pick a small little fight with me… he called back after about an hour of waiting in line again to use the phone and computer (and after I went for a run to cool off lol)… but it was a normalcy that I missed, I needed that little argument and so did he to realize that some things need to stay the same even in distance 🙂 and I love being the person he can bounce his feelings off knowing it is just him trying to clear his mind to do his job right… hang in there if you need anything I’m in NC too 🙂 …

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