oh! hello!

well hello there!
it’s been a minute since i’ve updated my little blog.
lots has been happening in my simple little life.

first and foremost…
homeJ IS BACK!
(note my excitement by the use of capital letters…which i never do. ever. unless i’m really really excited!)

the furchild is pretty dang happy to have his daddy back too…
welcome homecheck out that tail action!

i’ve been keeping busy babysitting for two different amazing families.
my days are full but i’m so loving the littles i’m watching.

what else…
oh yea.
jk. kinda.
i’m all done with my associates degree.
i’ll be taking a year or so off before going back to get my bachelors because this upcoming year will bring a whole lot of changes for j and i but mostly because i’m so over transferring credits.

that’s all the update you get for now.
stay tuned for more posts more often.
i pinkie promise!

xoxo rebecca mae blog signature


marine wife, dog mom, coffee drinker & lover of wonderful things.

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lately on instagram...
it is most certainly puppy love ❤ just be here with me. 
signed: the moon. the stars. your still-hot-cup-of-coffee. your daughter. your son. your spouse. your heart. the green grass. the wild flowers. the waters you long to swim in. the color yellow. the color blue. your favorite poem. your favorite blanket. the wind in your hair. the waves on the ocean. the mountain air. your dad. your mom. the rain. the ice-cream cone. the butter sizzling with garlic in the frying pan. the grocery clerk with the sad, kind eyes. postcards waiting to be sent. the city squirrel. the county squirrel. jupiter. the photo album. your grandma's rosary. your favorite song. ink and paper. your best friend. the money in your wallet. the fork in your hand. brushes and paint. downward facing dog. the color turquoise. the almost invisible shade of pink. god. the skyline. the earth beneath your feet. a hammock. the shade of a giant tree. this moment, right here, now. your bones. your belly laugh. your breath. your breath. your breath. (quote from pinterest) a short list of things i love: america, cocktails, red lips, my chalkboard, grilled food but most importantly long weekends spent with my loved ones. happy birthday america! thanks for giving us the day off to celebrate 🍻

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