august birchbox

it’s been a minute (or two months) since i did a birchbox review but today’s your lucky day!
without further ado…
here’s my august birchbox review!

august birchbox
harvey prince ageless body cream:: i wasn’t a big fan of the grapefruit-sandalwood scent but the lotion was great! my skin was noticeably softer and didn’t leave my skin feeling oily.

laura geller beauty cool lids cream eyeshadow:: i’m obsessed with this cream eyeshadow. i rarely wear eyeshadow because i feel it takes too long to put on but i’ve been wearing this product every day! it’s super easy to use and i love the shimmery look it gives.

neil george shampoo:: shampoo is okay. i like a thicker shampoo and this product is pretty watery but it smells great and cleans my hair and that’s all that really matters!

neil george conditioner:: i’m liking the conditioner much better than the shampoo. the scent is great and it leaves my hair feeling soft and silky!

nügg beauty revitalizing mask:: i’m not a big face mask girl but i really liked this one! it made my face feel much softer and smelled great too!

overall this was a good box!
the cream eyeshadow is easily my favorite product but everything else is pretty great too.
are you signed up for birchbox? if not, sign up here!



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2 comments on “august birchbox
  1. Stephanie says:

    I was tempted by the Laura Gellar shadow but ultimately I didn’t think I would wear that color much.

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