chocolate chip cookie pie

today i’m sharing a new favorite sweet treat of ours!
chocolate chip cookie piesince making this j has asked me to make this again just about every other day.
it’s that great y’all.

chocolate chip cookie pie
chocolate chip cookie pie 3
-1 9″ pie shell
-2 eggs
-1/2 c all-purpose flour
-1/2 c sugar
-1/2 c brown sugar, packed
-1 1/2 sticks softened butter
-1 c semi-sweet chocolate chips
-(optional) chocolate sauce for drizzling
chocolate chip cookie pie 2instructions:
-preheat oven to 325 F
-in a large mixing bowl, beat eggs on high until foamy.
-beat in flour and sugars.
-add butter and beat until well combined.
-stir in chocolate chips.
-spoon mixture into pie shell.
-bake for 55-60 minutes or until toothpick comes out clean.
-drizzle chocolate sauce on top for extra chocolaty goodness…and calories!
-serve warm, or cold. it’s ahmazing both ways!

chocolate chip cookie pie 4yum yum yum!

(recipe adapted from NESTLÉ® TOLL HOUSE)


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4 comments on “chocolate chip cookie pie
  1. Hungrycookie says:

    Ohh my, that looks yum!

  2. Lara says:

    That looks fantastic! I used to get a Cookie Pie mix from Homemade Gourmet (before they went out of business) and it was a lot like this. We loved it!

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