dog park date!

over the weekend j and i took our furbabies on a dog park date.
dog park
our first family of four selfie!

getting the boys to look in the same direction is proving to be impossible…
more on that later.

this was ace’s very first time going to the dog park.
he wasn’t so sure at first but he loved smelling all the smelly smells that smell smelly.
and leo, well, that nut just went nuts.

dog park 3
caring for two dogs is proving to be a lot of work, but we’re loving it!

remember what i said about them never looking the same way…yea.
can’t wait for the most perfect family picture where all eyes are on the same target.
i promise i’ll share it with ya!

we’re taking full advantage of this gorgeous weather and are getting out as much as we can.
can’t wait for another dog park date with all my guys!


marine wife, dog mom, coffee drinker & lover of wonderful things.

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my insta has been overrun by coffee pics but this caffine queen is totally okay with that. 
also your girl found a caribou that is closing as of tonight so that campfire mocha score demands to be celebrated ☕❤ summertime and #livingwheaton is easy 🌞🍦💛 "do more of what makes your soul happy." i'm dedicating my day to this idea. today i will soak up the sun, decorate my home with fresh flowers, slow down, walk my pup & choose to see all the good that surrounds me.

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