a usmc story


our usmc story began in july of 2010 when j left for bootcamp.
he graduated from mcrd san diego in october of 2010.

he went back to california for mct and was there from october 2010 through december 2010.

j did his schooling in pensacola, fl (december 2010-june 2011)
and biloxi, ms (june 2011-october 2011).

and now he’s stationed at the lovely mcas cherry point in nc where we’re both living for a while.

2 comments on “a usmc story
  1. sharilynnmorse says:

    I used to live in Hubert/Jacksonville! I went to Cherry Point for the air show once, it was really awesome! 🙂

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that feeling you get when you find a total treasure in your nana's basement 💃absolutely obsessing over this handmade macrame beauty 😍 we ❤ snow days!

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giving love and receiving love can be so amazingly simple and so insanely complex. 
this month it is my intention to bravely love myself and others. 
i will use my actions and words to spread love&comfort, to encourage peace, to make connections. thanks for the reminder @tylerknott ❤

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