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november goals

hate to be a debbie downer but october was a rough month. it seemed like one challenge after another after another and so on. but! october is done. and now we’re warmly welcoming november and greeting it with high hopes.

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pumpkin peanut butter dog treats

it’s a known fact that leonidas augustus is a spoiled boy. like really really spoiled. i’ve been in a mad crazy pumpkin baking kick so i obviously had to bake something for the furbaby! this is one of my very

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mug swap!

kallie over at but first, coffee arranged a mug swap and i obviously jumped at the chance to met a new blog friend and to send/receive a new coffee mug! i was paired with lara from cookies cardio and clothes. we’re both in

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blogger spotlight:: moscato & pearls

today i’m spotlighting a fellow military wife and friend of mine! her name is keating and she blogs over at moscato & pearls. without further ado… meet keating! basic info:: name: Keating Marie age: 22 years old blog name: Moscato

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the most expensive piece of paper i own…

y’all, i finally did it. I GOT MY ASSOCIATE IN ARTS DEGREE!!!!!!!!!!!! i cannot contain my enthusiasm! obviously. i decided not to walk at graduation because i’m in north carolina and the graduation back home and plane tix are expensive.

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i don’t know about you…

but i’m feelin 22! thanks tswift for the bday song. last thursday was my birthday and it was such a wonderful day! i worked in the morning then got to come home early so i could have lunch with j.

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so long 21!

tomorrow is my birthday which means this is my very last post as a 21 year old. not sure about you but i always get super nostalgic around this time of the year. i’m 365 days older…what have i accomplished?

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lately on instagram...
that feeling you get when you find a total treasure in your nana's basement 💃absolutely obsessing over this handmade macrame beauty 😍 we ❤ snow days!

#wyantpartyof3 #thewyantscutielittlehome #kingleoandme #snowday #letitsnow love. 
giving love and receiving love can be so amazingly simple and so insanely complex. 
this month it is my intention to bravely love myself and others. 
i will use my actions and words to spread love&comfort, to encourage peace, to make connections. thanks for the reminder @tylerknott ❤

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