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a little love letter

dearest j, three years ago i met you at the church. we shared love letters and said our “i dos”, making us husband & wife. those titles just don’t do our relationship justice. you’re my best friend, furbaby daddy, better

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the best night of my life

take a trip down memory lane with me. let’s go alllllllll the way back to february 14th, 2010. this was j and my first vday together and little did i know it would turn out to be the best night

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okay. lezbehonest. it’s time to get real. i’m going to give y’all a real update on where i’ve been/what i’ve been doing/what life’s been like. in june, i moved from eastern nc where i was living with my wonderful husband

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that one time i tried to be a style blogger…

dear readers, this post has been saved since may 26th…that’s more than a month. dang. this was the outfit i wore when j took me out to dinner one night many weeks ago. (this was a big deal because in

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officially official

it is officially official. i will be leaving nc on june 15th and will be back in the chicago-land area on the 16th. i am moving back home to finish my associate in arts degree. as of right now, the

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memorial day weekend recap

what a wonderful: i’m always so happy when j is able to actually be in bed in the mornings instead of getting up and out of the house by 6:18am. friday: first of all, i knew it was going to

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words of wisdom wednesday #4

happy wednesday! the work week is half over. except i’m a stay at home housewife/mom to leo so i don’t really have a work week! it’s okay…take a moment to be jealous 🙂 life has been pretty stressful this week.

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lately on instagram...
backyard bonfires with my boys ❤ if you know me, one of the best words to describe me is "busy". i spend my days constantly running from one activity to the next. even though i love all that i'm doing, it's still easy to feel burnt out. especially with the holiday season so quickly approaching, i'm making it my intention so slow down. take a few deep breaths. sit and listen to the rain. treat myself to a coffee at my favorite cafe. get to a yoga class. make time to be still. 
you can't pour from an empty cup. how will you fill yours today? all i want to do is love on him but all he wants to do is hunt down the squirrels 😀

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